You’re about to discover the SECRETS that most women never know that they can Look Good & Feel Great after Mastectomy as a results of Breast Cancer…

Overcoming Fear of Intimacy after Mastectomy does NOT need to be a struggle in order to have an intimate relationship with a man.

You’ll learn 5 ways to feel great when you enter the bedroom with a man . . . you’ll never feel embarrassed or doubtful of your sexuality again.

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Book Review

Yekutiel, Lea. Making the Breast of It: Overcoming Fear of Intimacy After Mastectomy.

Review by Daniel J. Benor, MD, IJHC Editor in Chief

Lea Yekutiel discusses a subject that has too long been neglected. I have heard regularly from too many women that their surgeons treated their bodies very nicely but ignored the person occupying the body. In Lea Yekutiel's case, however, after her mastectomy her plastic surgeon didn't even treat her body well. He botched the implant, which had to be repositioned in a second surgery. This, too, ended in complications that led to Yekutiel insisting that the implant be removed.

Throughout this book, Yekutiel is extremely open in sharing her experiences and feelings about her self-image, her sexuality, and the psychological processes she experienced as she underwent the ordeals of diagnosis, decisions around treatment, mastectomy,

reconstructive surgeries and all that surrounds these experiences.

Any woman seeking information about the experience of mastectomy will benefit from reading this book. The information and experiences shared here will help to understand the emotional processes of adjusting to having one or both breasts removed, and to dealing with the emotions that are stirred in the process of surgery and afterwards – in the person experiencing the mastectomy, as well as in their partner or spouse.



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  • You'll learn that your sexuality
    does not depend on having one breast or two breasts.
  • You'll realize that you are
    your breast.
  • You'll learn that it's just a beginning of your new life.
  • You'll learn how to appreciate
    life and enjoy every moment of it.
  • You'll learn how to celebrate
    life even with one breast or none.

You are about to learn the truth about why you DON'T have to go through feeling unattractive or...

This book will lead you to new Insights about yourself as a woman that you never knew that you had them in you. It will guide you how to:

  • Reclaim your femininity back after mastectomy.
  • Rebuild your confidence living with one breast.
  • Accept your new image and love it.
  • You'll learn that fear of intimacy is only in your own head and you have the power to change it.
  • You'll learn how to feel whole woman again.
  • You'll learn how to transform yourself from inside out.
  • You'll learn that sexuality exudes from inside out and not from outside in.
  • You'll learn how to connect with the real spiritual side of yourself.
  • You'll learn how to attract into your life as many men as you like
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    IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of the proceeds of purchasing this book will go to a Cancer Support Organization.

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