Breast Cancer and Judgment

Breast cancer diagnosis is the scariest moment to every woman, no matter what is her age. To many women it is like a death sentence, a stigma that they would rather not to talk about it.

Breast cancer also follows judgment that puts women in a box, compartmentalized and categorized as “breast cancer” patient.

When we are judgmental about our condition, we create good or bad out of our situation, instead of just being women who has breast cancer.

How do we get out of this categorization and compartmentalization as “breast cancer” patient, so the rest of the world can perceive us as whole human beings?

The answer to this question is how we react to the situation we are in. I only can tell you from my own experience. What helped me to get over the trauma faster than most women were:

1. Taking responsibility for my condition.
2. Changing my perception of myself.
3. Loving myself just the way I am without judgment.
4. Accepting my condition and loving my new image.
5. Connecting with my higher-self.

When I looked at myself from a spiritual point of view, I was whole woman, who has breast cancer. I am also a soul that is eternal, a shift occurred in my consciousness. I connected with my higher self and realized that no matter what happen to my body, my soul will stay in tact, pure and whole.

This new realization about myself helped me to heal faster, to give helping hand to other women in my condition.

I considered my breast cancer, a blessing in disguise, a wake up call from higher sources. I stopped judging myself. I reached the state of peace and tranquility.

With much Love, Light and Peace of Mind,

Lea Yekutiel

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