Breast Cancer and Self Love

Breast cancer can be one of the reasons of lack of self-love.

You probably ask yourself what is the correlation between breast cancer and self-love.

Good question.

Breast cancer is a result of accumulation of many things as, negative thoughts, excessive worry, hatred, un-forgiveness or lack of self-love. Just to mention a few.

When I say ‘self-love’, I don’t mean in an egotistical manner but in a way of honoring oneself.

There are many ways we can express love to ourselves – it can be anything from soaking in a bathtub, taking that long-postponed trip to your favorite island and reading a good book. They are the best little pleasures in life. However, when it comes down to the real art of self-love there is a lot more into it.

1. Have Faith in Your Divinity
The granddaddy of all, having great faith that you are divinely divine tops the list of I-Love-Me. Trust and faith in your inner great Self is about having the courage to show the world who you are. Knowing what you want and going for it.

2. Give and Receive
We all know the beauty of giving love (this can be expressed as a kind compliment, a thoughtful gift or even a hug/smile/kiss) but have you
mastered receiving it. Loving yourself means knowing how to receive from others. When you graciously say thank you when someone treats you to dinner, not only are you telling your Self that you are worth all the free dinners in the world, you are also telling the other person that she is loving and capable of sharing her dinners with others. It’s actually selfish not to receive, because you would be denying the other person an opportunity to give.

3. Identifying with Your Inner Qualities
What are the finer qualities that you like about yourself. Is it your compassion? Is it your sense of humor? On the other hand, maybe your ability to read twinkles in people’s eyes. Pick one. Then, spend some time with it. Reflect on it, ponder on it, and marvel at it. Make it your personal masterpiece and identify it as truly part of you. Self-love is acknowledging the gems that are already in you.

4. Value Your Time, Energy and Love
Be willing to say “no”. Remember that your time, energy and love are sacred. When you decide to give, share or help others, choose to do that out of deep willingness and sincerity. Whenever giving becomes an obligation, it’s not sincere anymore, and at times you’d end up building resentment.

5. Stop Comparing Yourself With Others
Each time you think you are worse off or better than someone, you are
not only judging them, you are also being your Self’s unforgiving critic. This reflects back on how you treat yourself as well. However, when you accept the people as they are without wanting to control or change them, you are also accepting yourself in the same way.

With much love and breast cancer free,

Lea Yekutiel

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    1. Agueda says:

      I tuohght I’d have to read a book for a discovery like this!

    2. Elric says:

      Your’s is the intlelgient approach to this issue.

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