Breast Cancer and the Power of Appreciation

Breast cancer can heal faster when using a simple feeling exercise as appreciation.

Breast cancer is very traumatic to any woman who experienced it.

We human beings have tenancy to take our body and its functionality for granted until something drastic happen to us like breast cancer.

There is a powerful force within each one of us, which you can use to overcome any obstacles, no matter how bad the situation is even something as devastating as breast cancer. Once you know how powerful this force is and how it works, you will never have to worry about anything in your life, no fears, no worries, and no anxieties. Life becomes an easy and fulfilling process. You start to enjoy your life; you start to enjoy every moment of your existence.

Are you getting excited about knowing what this power is?

The powerful force that I am talking about is “The power of appreciation. “

Yes, it is the power of appreciation. If you want to heal your life of any illness, you have to know the power of appreciation, and you have to know how it works, and live by it. This is a simple secret weapon that you can use to win the battle over your life. No matter how bad your current circumstances are, even when you battle with breast cancer. Do not let its simplicity fool you. Just this one simple idea will completely change your life.

Ok, let me make a clear statement, let it enter your subconscious mind. “No matter what circumstance you encounter, no matter what situation you are in, you always have the choice of finding something to appreciate in it, and you can immediately change your point of attraction at that moment!”

Remember, the quality of your life is determined by the quality of this moment. You have a choice in every moment. You can choose to feel depressed and unhappy, or you can choose to find something to appreciate, and change your
point of attraction immediately.

For example, during my ordeal with breast cancer, I always appreciated the fact that my breast cancer did not metastasized. I appreciated that I was still alive and well. I appreciate the fact that I can write you about it now.

There are so many ways to express appreciation for what you have right now. I bet you can find gazillion ways to appreciate about your life.

With much appreciation, joy and laughter,

Lea Yekutiel

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    1. Rosa says:

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