Breast Cancer and the Power of Smile

During my ordeal with breast cancer I learned many things. One of them was the power of a smile and its effect on my life. Whenever I found myself needing to break away from my feelings of worry, sadness, fear, doubt, anger, hurt or any negative emotions, I always knew that it’s time just to STOP what I was thinking about for a moment and SMILE.

Breast cancer can teach us many things if we are willing to look at it with a little smile.

You can do that too you know. It’s really OK. You can STOP just for a moment, no body’s going to be mad at you or holler at you. Just stop what you are thinking for a moment.

In fact try this, stop what you are thinking and smile but do it without expressing it with a facial smile, just Think Smile and then, notice what you are Feeling.

Think smile!

Be aware of what you are feeling.

OK, now actually smile let your face open up.

Be aware what you are feeling, anybody laughing?

No, not now I mean before I asked the question.

OK, another question.

Who said you can’t feel that feeling while you are dealing with life? Who said that?



When? you ask.

The moment you lost connection to who you are as FEELINGS.

Well when did that happen? A voice inside your head ask.

The moment feeling became a word instead of an AWARENESS.

MEANINGFUL INFORMATION. Put this in a safe place.

A Smile Feeling will solve any and all other feelings YOU’VE CREATED.

Stop: Read that again.

And guess what? It’s flowing through you all the time.

Smile feeling never changes it’s FEELING.

Just because you are not connected or aware of it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Trust me when I tell you that you will never ever connect to it and find any other FEELING.

With much Love, Laughter and lots of Smile Feeling,

Lea Yekutiel

P.S. Do you ever giggle? A giggle is like a bubble of joy coming out of your heart. Have you ever noticed the light, happy, feeling that comes from giggling? Have you ever watched little children giggle? They are so full of joy and happiness when they are giggling. When someone starts to giggle it changes the whole energy to one of joy? I bet you are smiling right now.

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  • One Response to Breast Cancer and the Power of Smile

    1. Matt says:

      Stop constantly chnekicg your Breasts or you will make them sore. Check them once a month after your period, in the shower. Soap them well and run your flat hand around your Breast. Learn where all the usual lumps and bumps are. Any new ones, go to a doctor and have them checked. Ask your doctor to check them when you have your usual yearly checkup.The chances of you getting Breast cancer at your age is so slim. Stop thinking about it, it will probably never happen.Just wanting to add for the benefit of the last poster Breast cancer is absolutely possible in a 20 year old. A three year old child has just recently been diagnosed with Breast cancer. In Australia, there have been a number of very high profile women who have been diagnosed with Breast cancer in their 20s. It is a miniscule chance, but the chance exists. Women of all ages should check their Breast each month following their period. Screening mammograms are advised over the age of 50, but in Australia can be utilised over 40 free of charge. Vigilance is important for early detection. However, over chnekicg and being obsessive about it is not in anyone’s best interests.

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