Breast Health Tip #14: Avoid Alcohol


Avoid alcohol and drink “health-promoting drinks” like organic fruit juices, green tea, and purified water instead. Here’s why: researchers have found one drink a day can increase your risk of breast cancer by 11%; two drinks a day by 22 to 40%; and three drinks a day by 33 to 70%.

Scientists have uncovered several explanations for alcohol’s high risk. Alcohol increases the production of estrogen and prolactin. Both of these hormones speed up cell division in breast tissue. The faster breast cells divide — the higher your risk of breast cancer. Alcohol also interferes with the function of liver enzymes. Liver enzymes are necessary to break down toxins and carcinogens. They also break down estrogen and prepare it for elimination from our bodies. If your liver enzymes don’t function properly, the level of estrogen, toxins, and carcinogens in your body will go up and so will your risk of breast cancer.

Instead of alcohol, consider drinking organic grape juice. Grapes contain something called “resveratrol”. Resveratrol inhibits the initiation of breast cancer and decreases the growth of breast tumors. It is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Scientists have found both of these properties help protect against and fight breast cancer. In addition, if you have breast cancer and require radiation, resveratrol can help the radiation kill more tumor cells.

Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal. The moment you drop unhealthy habits and adopt healthy ones, your body will begin repairing itself. Enjoy your holidays – and at the same time honor your health.

This information is used with permission by Christine Horner, MD

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