My Breast Cancer Helped Me to Discover My Purpose in Life

Since my breast cancer many things have changed in my life. The biggest and the most important change was that I discovered my purpose in life, which is to be in service to others women in my situation.

My breast cancer motivated me to write the book “Making the Breast of It” with a subtitle “Overcoming Fear of Intimacy after Mastectomy”.

The reason I wrote this book was to inspire, empower, encourage, to-give hope and heal the many wounds that breast cancer survivors experience in various aspects of their lives.

Loosing a breast to breast cancer is the most traumatic and fearsome experience a woman can face. Breasts for women are one of the symbolic of their womanhood, and when it’s taken away from them, they don’t feel a whole woman anymore. The biggest fear is how men would react towards them after mastectomy. Unfortunately, many men feel that women with breast cancer or mastectomy are not women anymore. This notion about women from the men point of view is totally false. These men are usually misinformed or have misconception about this issue.

Fortunately, not all men live with this misconception about women, and many of them are very supportive and have great understanding about it.

Women with breast cancer can be as sexual and intimate with men as before they had to face this dreaded disease.

I feel it us the women who have the task to educate those men about our condition.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work of educating men!

With all my Love and Laughter,

Lea Yekutiel

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