A truly captivating and necessary book for anyone who has experienced or been affected by breast cancer

I read “Making the Breast of It” in three hours. I couldn’t put it down. This truly captivating book shares one woman’s personal journey with breast cancer and reveals a unique insight that is not commonly discussed or taught to women after they have gone through mastectomy, “How to overcome the fear of intimacy after mastectomy.”

Lea Yekutiel, a spiritual and metaphysical teacher shares her insights and tips on how one can build self-esteem, cultivate a healthy body image and love oneself after mastectomy. A prerequisite to attracting a loving relationship with a new partner or feeling desirable again in one’s present relationship. I think this book is not only for women who have experienced breast cancer but also should be shared with their husbands and boyfriends in understanding how a woman must come to terms with her body after breast cancer and that sexuality from a woman is not based on her physical appearance but the confidence about herself that she exudes from within.

This is a Must-have book for a every breast cancer survivor or any woman needing support and tools in empowering her self-worth and self-image.

I am ready to read it again.

Thanks Lea for your efforts in creating awareness and education for women about how they can keep healthy breasts. You are an inspiration!

Jennifer Telford, LMT, CWC

Enhancing breast wellness and personal empowerment for women through organic body care, massage therapy, and wellness counseling

Reclaim Your Intimacy!

Lea Yekutiel is an amazing woman with an amazing story. “Making the Breast of It” book is for women facing mastectomy and for those who love them. Lea reminds us of our value and leads us back to our genuine life… our intimate life.

Chris Bledy, Author, Beating Ovarian Cancer

By reading this book I learned how to connect with my inner self and realized that I am a whole woman even with one Breast or none. Few months later I found a boyfriend.

Ruth Cohn – divorced mother

This book helped me to restore the confidence that I had as a woman before Mastectomy.

Caroline Raymond – single woman

…I got new insight about living with One Breast. Living with one Breast was not an issue for intimacy with men anymore. It was how I projected myself…as a result I found my soul mate.

Judee Rimon – a nurse

…I learned that the fear of intimacy was all in my own head. I had the option to shift my mind by remembering who I really was and ‘feel a whole woman again’. Now I have a boyfriend.

Malka Rubin – single woman

I was amazed how this book touched me personally, even though I am not a breast cancer patient and neither did I have mastectomy. It is brilliantly written that touches every aspect of life. It gives the reader the tools how to connect with the spiritual aspect of life, especially for breast cancer patients. It also gives tools how to overcome the fear of intimacy after mastectomy and I love the inspirational quotes. It is necessary read for anybody who has to overcome challenges in life.

Ms. S. Green – married women

I just finished reading, “Making the Breast of it” Overcoming Fear of Intimacy After Mastectomy. The book was so powerful that I could not put it down until I finished reading, “Making the Breast of it”. The story moved me as well as the author’s desire to assist and educate other women who have had the experience of Breast Cancer touch their lives. It is apparent, that Ms. Yekutiel understands first hand the fear that lurks behind facing, overcoming, and thriving, after Breast Cancer.By having this book, not only do I feel that there is another woman out there who understands my pain and newfound intimacy issues. The book includes inspiring self- coping tools that I now have at my fingertips like a trusted friend. By incorporating the author’s suggestions, I am now able to understand my own fear of intimacy. Above all, how to cope with it by living life on a higher level of consciousness.

I recommend this book not only personally but professionally as well. It is a gem for any therapist who is assisting other women to cope with Intimacy after Breast Cancer (or any other life threatening illness for that matter).

Julie Alyson, M.S. Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling in Educational Psychology.

Read this book! I could not put it down. This book contains not only grief and sorrow—-it has lots of humor, and excellent information. It is a great read.

OK, I confess! I know Lea personally. I have watched her change and grow over the past few years and I am happy to say that she walks her talk. If you have breast cancer you have to read this book. If you do not, and this includes me, you still should read this book because the principles within it, apply to overcoming any difficult experience. In addition, it will add much more insight into your life, and compassion for women with this type of challenge. I know I do.

Mary Lowe – a married woman

I read your book “Making the Breast of It” from cover to cover and enjoyed it very much. I have a friend going through chemo again and your book helped me realize the importance of a support network, even when people have a hard time asking for help. I recommend your book to anyone and everyone.

Kim Giancaterino

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